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Top 10 sports games and freebies

PC World

March 21, 2000
Web posted at: 8:32 a.m. EST (1332 GMT)

(IDG) -- The annual college basketball tournaments are all in full swing, but why just watch the fun? Fire up your computer and play. Get in the game with NCAA Basketball: Final Four 97, then try your luck with NBA Live 2000. But while basketball is the game of the moment, you don't have to limit your playing time to shooting hoops.

Manage and print league schedules for a variety of sports with HomeAway, a shareware program that keeps track of dates, times, and locations of sporting events. Construct a match-up between your favorite baseball teams, old and new, with Matchup Baseball, a simulation game that uses players' stats to determine the game's outcome. Hit the links before the last snow has melted and golf on a simulated course with Tiger Woods, or challenge your co-worker to a game of virtual pool. Let the sports madness begin!

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Top 10 sports games and freebies

  1. Madness in March Tournament Tracker: If you manage an office pool or just sit glued to the TV during the NCAA tournament, you might like this software, which prints status reports, keeps track of who's been eliminated from the tourney, and more. Note: The unregistered version is fully functional, but it limits you to ten entries. You can enter up to 1000 teams when you register.

  2. NBA Live 2000: More attitude, more emotion: Go 5-on-5 or 1-on-1 with some of the NBA's most famous stars, including Michael Jordan. This game features cool animations and sound and a new broadcast-style camera that zooms you into the heart of the action.

  3. Matchup Baseball: Find out who would have won if Mantle and Ruth took on Griffey and Sosa. Match up players and teams from any era, then pit them against each other in games that never took place.

  4. Triple Play 2000: Play home-run derby in this 3-D baseball simulation that features all Major League players and stadiums, plus play-by-play commentary.

  5. Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour: Tee off and play a round of golf in the Pebble Beach Tournament. Practice your swing in a simulated environment and learn how to improve your game with tips from Tiger Woods. View the layout of the course, project the distance of your shot, and select which swing to use in this 3-D game.

  6. PocketCaddie: Leave the miniature pencil behind when you're on the fairway; PocketCaddie keeps track of all your golf scores and statistics on a handheld computer running Windows CE.

  7. HomeAway: Do you manage schedules for sports leagues? This tool may be used for a wide variety of sporting events, including Football, Baseball, Soccer, Darts, and Pool. Print schedules and team sheets in a variety of formats, or export them to a spreadsheet or word processor for even greater flexibility.

  8. Virtual Pool 2: Chalk up those cue sticks, because it's time to head to the pool hall. Play a virtual game of nine-ball by yourself or against an opponent. The game tracks your statistics over multiple games.

  9. Desktop Madness: Create a chart to help you follow NCAA teams. You can enter the teams competing for the national championship, and once you click on the winning teams, the program moves them to the next round. Desktop Madness can also generate reports as a graph or grid, and an online pay sheet helps a pool administrator keep track of who has paid up and who still owes.

  10. NCAA Basketball: Final Four 97: Create your own teams or play with real stats in this simulation of the 1997 NCAA tournament. Set up the defense or run offense in this game of college hoops, which features over 50 different slam dunks.

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