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Recap of LinuxWorld: Open-source vendors offer variety

(IDG) -- Plenty of penguins filled the showroom floor at LinuxWorld helping vendors advertise the latest in open-source applications and products. The well-dressed birds helped draw attendees' attention to tech-savvy vendors hoping to push the open-source model further toward the enterprise and consumer market sectors.

The announcements made during the four-day show in San Jose, California, ranged from companies beefing up the quality of the hardware architecture supporting open-source model to more consumer-oriented software designed to play music via the Linux operating system.


The following were announced during the course of the show:

  • Compaq will offer preloaded Linux on select ProLiant servers in addition to marketing Linux-certified desktops. Starting in late September, Compaq will preload Red Hat's Red Hat Linux 7.0 on some ProLiant ML330 and DL360 models. The Houston-based company currently offers Linux on handhelds, portables, desktops, and Alpha servers.

  • A leading member of the well-publicized GNOME foundation, Helix Code released Helix GNOME 1.0, a user interface that comes with a suite of software applications and development tools. The latest version of the Helix product includes over 100 software packages and applications in addition to an automatic file updating system. The company also said that the 1.0 version will be the default desktop on TurboLinux's operating system and will be bundled on a line of IBM ThinkPads.

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  • Motorola Computer Group, a division of Motorola Inc., joined forces with Red Hat to make Linux ready for telecommunication applications designed for high-availability. Red Hat's Linux operating system with be packaged and shipped on select Motorola computing platforms. The group also showcased the MBX2000 high-performance EBX board for low power and small form factor applications. The MBX2000 is scheduled for a fourth-quarter release at a starting price of $659.

  • In a move directed toward the enterprise, Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) in combined engineering efforts with SuSE AG delivered Linux FailSafe, attempting to bring advanced clustering capabilities to the Linux environment. The companies said that a Linux FailSafe cluster can help enable resiliency from any single point of failure and increases application availability for mission-critical data center operations and demanding business environments.

SGI said that the failover capabilities should appeal to folks in the enterprise computing environment in search of dependable access to computer systems and applications.

  • MontaVista Software released version 1.2 of the vendor's Hard Hat Linux Cross Development Kit (CDK) which should allow developers of Linux applications for telecom and data communications, consumer devices, instrumentation and industrial equipment to create embedded software on PCs and workstations and distribute their finished designs on mission-specific embedded hardware.

In an effort to reduce deployment cost and quicken time to market, the MontaVista CDK supports three host platforms, targets four microprocessor architectures and comes with a number of support packages, the company said.

  • On the PC side of things, Agenda Computing Inc. demonstrated its Agenda VR3 Linux-based portable PC. The pocket-sized PC weighs in at four ounces and is compatible with both PC and Linux-based applications, Agenda said. The machine will cost $149 and has a 160 x 240 pixel LCD (liquid-crystal display) screen with 16 grayscale shades. In addition, a natural handwriting recognition function runs on the Agenda product and allows users to write anywhere on the screen.

  • Berkeley Software Design (BSDi) presented the iXtreme Series line of rackmount Internet servers configured and preloaded with the FreeBSD, BSD/OS or Linux operating systems. Designed for high-performance Internet infrastructure computing, the systems are built on Intel Corp.'s architecture and are compatible with operating systems, development tools and applications, BSDi said. The iXtreme series are currently available beginning at $1,300.

  • Embedded Linux vendor Lineo voiced plans to provide Windows NT and Windows 2000 developers with an integrated Embedix SDK (software developers' kit) and a VMWARE toolkit that will allow developers to work in the Windows environment while developing Linux software for embedded devices. The Embedix V-kit installs on a Windows development workstation and permits developers to write, compile and build applications on their desktop for embedded devices, the company said.

  • LynuxWorks said that its BlueCat Linux operating system now supports ARM's architecture processors. BlueCat Linux 3.0 may help embedded technology developers make architecture choices with more freedom to select cost, performance, and functionality specifications for their intended architecture, according to the company.

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