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Bush spotlights world support for war

By John King
CNN Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush met with Algeria's president Monday to open a weeklong effort to showcase what the administration say is deep international support for the war on terrorism.

The president also will deliver what aides describe as a "major address" on homeland security on Thursday.

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In addition, Bush will deliver a speech Tuesday at 7 a.m. EST -- far earlier in the day than most presidential events, but the speech is to be beamed by satellite to an antiterrorism conference in Warsaw, Poland, where the time will be 1 p.m. when the president starts to speak.

The speech is part of the administration's new effort to do a better job communicating in the news cycles of Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, officials say.

The leaders of Great Britain, France, India, Brazil and Ireland, in the United States for the United Nations General Assembly, also are scheduled to meet with Bush at the White House this week. On Saturday the president is scheduled to address the General Assembly and outline "what he views as each nation's responsibilities and obligations in the war on terrorism," a White House official said.

While in New York, Bush also plans to meet with the president of Pakistan, Gen. Pervez Musharraf.

The goal of Thursday night's address on homeland security is to give an overview of the government's efforts to combat domestic terrorism, including the anthrax investigation. The president again will appeal to the country to "defy the terrorists" by going about their normal routines, an aide involved in crafting speech said.

The president's weekly breakfast with the bipartisan congressional leadership is Tuesday, with the major topics certain to be the continuing debates over airline and airport security and an economic stimulus package. Significant differences between Democrats and Republicans are dragging out both debates, and Bush is under pressure from lawmakers in both parties to take a more hands-on role.


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