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DNC delegate calls for McAuliffe's withdrawal over 'colored' remark

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A delegate to the Democratic National Committee on Friday called on Terry McAuliffe to withdraw his candidacy for the top job of the Democratic National Committee, after McAuliffe referred to African-Americans as "colored people" in remarks at a meeting.

Alvin Holmes, an Alabama state representative, said McAuliffe answered a question about the practice of racial profiling by saying that he didn't believe "colored people" should be arbitrarily stopped by law enforcement.

The incident occurred earlier in the day as McAuliffe addressed a meeting of the Association of State Democratic Chairs during the 2001 DNC meeting.

When asked later what phrase he used to characterize African Americans, McAuliffe said "The phrase is people of color."

Holmes told CNN that when McAuliffe addressed the Congressional Black Caucus Friday afternoon, he told members that if he said colored people before, he apologizes, and explained that he meant to say people of color.

Holmes said some members of the caucus shouted "No you didn't!" at the Democratic fundraiser.

The Alabama representative said he is asking McAuliffe to step aside unless he apologizes to all the delegates of the committee in Washington.

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