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Asian couple wins online Vegas wedding

Rocker Bon Jovi will perform latest song
Rocker Bon Jovi will perform latest song "Thank You for Loving Me" at wedding ceremony.  

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A net nuptial

Breaking new ground

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Hong Kong, China (CNN) -- It's going to be a Las Vegas wedding like no other for one Hong Kong couple next week.

In America's casino capital, Allen Yeung and Yolanda Lee are one of 60 couples planning to tie the knot in a web-wedding on April 23.

Their guest list even includes rock star Bon Jovi who will serenade the couples in a mass ceremony.

It's all part of an online competition organized by Microsoft and Universal to promote streaming media technology and hard rock.

A net nuptial

For Allen and Yolanda, explaining the concept of an online marriage to their families hasn't been easy. Allen plans to show his mother edited highlights of his net nuptial having a world famous rock star present hasn't made the task any easier.

"I didn't tell her I was going to have my wedding with Bon Jovi because she didn't know who Bon Jovi was," Allen says. "She feels a little bit surprised but she is happy with it."

Microsoft says it's not clear how many couples will actually apply for a wedding license in Vegas. But Allen and Yolanda say they're certain to make their marriage legal and hope to make the most of their big day.

"We can have a memorable, wonderful, very special wedding ceremony," the couple says.

Breaking new ground

The cyber wedding also breaks new ground for major recording artists.

Musicians like Bon Jovi have boosted their careers for years by writing love songs for Hollywood romances. Occasionally they even have an on-camera cameo. But now pop stars can be the supporting cast for real-life romantics like Allen and Yolanda.

Bon Jovi plans to perform its newest number "Thank You for Loving Me" in Vegas. And the band says it will continue to use other methods to reach fans over the net.

Celia Chan from Microsoft Hong Kong Bon Jovi has even set up email accounts to let fans get in touch and further promote the net nuptial.

"This time we also have so you can really send your emails and questions and greetings to Bon Jovi," Chan says.

The online ceremony will take place on Monday, April 23. The world can watch by logging on to MSN's Hong Kong homepage.

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