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Authorities clear skies over sporting events

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Federal authorities on Thursday placed temporary flight restrictions prohibiting pilots from flying near professional or collegiate sporting events or any other major open-air assembly of people.

The restriction came after numerous professional and college sports organizations asked the Federal Aviation Administration to restrict flights above this weekend's games.

Early Thursday, the FAA issued numerous "temporary flight restrictions" or TFR's over weekend ball games and other events. Now the FAA has opted for a general prohibition on flights over large assemblies.

The flight restrictions will ban pilots from flying within three nautical miles of large events, unless they are more than 3,000 feet above ground level.

Typically, TFR's are placed on large events such as the Super Bowl that could attract a lot of air traffic. They are designed to prevent mid-air collisions.

Pilots who violate the airspace restrictions can be cited by the FAA and face suspension or revocation of their licenses.

• Federal Aviation Administration

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