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Volunteers lining up to be federal air marshals

air marshal training
The prime recruits for the Federal Air Marshal program already have some law enforcement experience, the FAA says.  

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- More than 100,000 people have downloaded applications for the Federal Aviation Administration's Federal Air Marshal program off the agency's Web site since it began advertising in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11th.

FAA spokesman Hank Price says the prime recruits are those who already have some law enforcement experience. "Local law enforcement officials are being recruited, and on an interim basis we are using national law enforcement officials," he told CNN.

He added that officers from all federal law enforcement agencies -- including the FBI and the DEA -- have loaned officers to the FAA to temporarily bolster the Air Marshals' ranks. The military has also temporarily re-assigned some servicemen to the Federal Air Marshals program.

Price said that the amount and kind of training is being done on a case-by-case basis depending on the experience of the recruit.

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Armed pilots offer added protection, new danger  

On Capitol Hill Tuesday, Captain Duane Woerth, head of the Air Line Pilots Association, proposed that some pilots also be given air marshal training and allowed to board planes with firearms to bolster cockpit security.

That proposal would require action from Congress and approval by the Federal Aviation Administration.


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