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Children's art aims to comfort weary fliers

A sampling of school kids' art that will be on display at Miami International Airport.

From Mark Potter
CNN Miami Bureau

MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- With the National Guard on patrol and security at high alert, airports are uneasy places now for holiday travelers. But in Miami, a bit of relief is on the way, at least for those who take time to look.

The plan involves children's art, which will be displayed in an airport terminal. The idea is to soothe travelers' nerves by presenting a still-gentle world through young eyes.

Nicoya Hudson's painting is called "Your Heart is in Safety."

"I am drawing just a heart that says something so they don't feel bad when they go to the airport," said Hudson, a student at Mills College Children's School in Oakland, California, "and then I drew an American flag around it for some reason."

The idea came from Yolanda Sanchez, the director of Airport Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs at Miami International Airport.

CNN's Mark Potter reports that the Miami airport is trying to soothe travelers' nerves by presenting a still, gentle world through children's eyes (November 27)

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Children in Oakland, Los Angeles and Miami-Dade County were asked to honor and comfort those who suffered or were lost in New York and Washington.

"We specifically wanted artwork that emphasizes positive values -- family, patriotism, love, those kinds of things," Sanchez said.

What she received is an impressive collection of artistic emotion from children of all ages. Seventy works will be framed and put on display, right before the Christmas rush.

"I think children's art is so pure, it's so unadulterated. You know, Picasso said it took him a whole lifetime to learn to draw like a child again," Sanchez said.

Some of the children wrote messages to explain their work. A fifth-grader, who used to live near the World Trade Center, mourned its loss.

"When I was 4, my family and myself moved, taking a beautiful memory for when I return to visit someday," the child wrote. "That beautiful sight will no longer be, because someone without feelings or values tried to take them from me. But in my dreams they will always be there for me."

It's comfort for weary and nervous travelers, from children who can still dream -- and see the world as a good and decent place.


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