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Police may have new lead in Levy case

Woodfolk says Levy came to the hardware store after April 30.
Woodfolk says Levy came to the hardware store after April 30.  

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Investigators on Tuesday turned to what may be a new lead in the Chandra Levy case -- the first reported sighting of the missing former intern after April 30.

A District of Columbia police detective and an FBI investigator interviewed John Woodfolk, who makes keys at a downtown hardware store across the street from the health club where Levy was reported seen April 30 when she canceled her membership.

Woodfolk said he saw Levy sometime in May when she came into his store to have keys made.

"It had to be May, sometime in May, because it was definitely after the 30th of April, but it was during that week," said Woodfolk, who works at W.J. Candey Hardware. He said he believed Levy was making copies of apartment keys.

Levy's parents say Chandra admitted affair  
CNN's Bob Franken reports on a possible new lead in the Levy case (July 31)

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It was not clear why Woodfolk waited until now to come forward with his information about a reported sighting, and investigators have not offered any evaluation of his information.

Woodfolk said he thought Levy paid for the purchase with a credit card, but he did not produce a receipt. Investigators have no records of any financial transaction by Levy after April 30.

Although police say she spent several hours browsing the Internet on the computer in her apartment the next day, May 1, the health club visit was the last time she had been seen.

Meanwhile, officials said their search of Washington area parks was over "for now," indicating any new information could put investigators back in the woods.

Police completed a more than two-week intensive search of area parks with an exploration of woodlands near the U.S. Naval Observatory, which includes the vice president's residence, in the upper northwest part of Washington.

Police did not say why they searched that particular spot but have said in the past they want to cover as many areas as they can.

In Modesto, California, Levy's parents made another emotional appeal to keep interest alive in the more than 3-month-old case, after police statements that Rep. Gary Condit is not the central figure to the case.

Dr. Robert Levy asked anyone with information to come forward and "not to let the whole thing go away."

Much of the media interest in the case stems from Condit's relationship with Levy. Condit, 53, has acknowledged only a friendship with the 24-year-old woman, but police have said he admitted an affair to them, and Levy family members have said Chandra talked of an affair.

"As far as being a central figure, my daughter is the central figure," Robert Levy said.

Again, Levy and his wife Susan implied that Condit has been less than forthcoming about what he knows.

Susan and Robert Levy
Susan and Robert Levy  

Referring to the fact police said they would not pursue their own polygraph test with Condit, Susan Levy said, "I really don't care about the polygraph. I just want the truth to come out, and I want my daughter home.

"Someone, as I said right from the beginning, knows where my daughter is. There are truths out there that haven't been answered, and I'd like those people to come forward."

Levy defended her daughter's reputation, saying some stories cast aspersions on her. And she said she warned her daughter about Washington before she left, mentioning the White House intern who had an affair with President Clinton.

"I honestly said, 'Chandra' -- when she left Washington, I said -- 'Don't you become Monica Lewinsky,' and look at what happened," Susan Levy recalled.

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