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Levy missing 100 days; Condit ponders statement

MODESTO, California (CNN) -- With former Washington intern Chandra Levy missing for 100 days, Rep. Gary Condit was pondering how to explain the matter to his constituents Wednesday.

Levy was last seen April 30 when she canceled her membership at a Washington gym. Police are treating her disappearance as a missing persons case, but it has generated widespread publicity largely because of her connection to Condit.

Condit has remained out of sight since returning to his northern California district for the August congressional recess.

His chief of staff, Mike Dayton, told CNN the seven-term congressman has been discussing "when and how" to discuss Condit's relationship with Levy with his constituents, but Dayton stressed that does not mean any statement from Condit is imminent.

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Police believe Levy, a former intern with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, sent out e-mails on her computer May 1 -- 100 days ago Wednesday -- but there has been no word from the 24-year-old California native since.

Her family said Levy had an affair with the 53-year-old married legislator. Police sources said Condit admitted to a romantic relationship in the third of four interviews they have conducted with him, but he has publicly acknowledged only a friendship with Levy.

An attorney for Levy's parents Wednesday again pleaded for Condit to "come forward" with any information he has that might help in the search.

"We make no accusations against you," Billy Martin said as he stood with Susan and Robert Levy outside their Modesto home. "We believe that you have information that the family would like to know. We'd like you to meet with our investigators so that our investigators will have direct information on Chandra's state of mind at the time she disappeared."

Marina Ein, a spokeswoman for Condit, quickly rejected Martin's call.

Martin and Levys
Billy Martin with Susan and Robert Levy outside their home Wednesday.  

"Congressman Condit has met with law enforcement officials investigating Ms. Levy's disappearance and has fully answered their questions," Ein said. "In addition, the congressman's attorney offered weeks ago to meet with the Levys' attorney and provide him with that same information. The Levys' attorney has never accepted this offer."

Back in Washington, police said Wednesday the fact authorities are not picking up clues "from the street" may be a clue in itself.

"With a lot of cases where there's something that took place on the street, street crime, word gets around as to who's responsible for it," Metropolitan Police Chief Charles Ramsey told reporters at an unrelated event on Capitol Hill. "So in that sense, perhaps it's unusual, and would tend to make you think that perhaps it wasn't just a random act."

The chief added that the lack of information means "we don't know whether or not she's missing on her own accord, or whether or not she's the victim of foul play."

Assistant Metropolitan Police Chief Terrance Gainer, speaking with CNN on Tuesday, revealed some frustration with the scrutiny of the case, saying reporters demand details and information, even as some complain the access may compromise the investigation.

"I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't," Gainer said. "There's a balance between the public's desire to know, the press' right to hold our feet to the fire and how much we can disclose. And I think we've all done a pretty fair job of that, frankly."

Levy's father expressed hope Wednesday that his daughter is still alive and asked anyone with any information to come forward.

"We still hope and pray that Chandra will be found alive and returned to us," he said.

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