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Police investigating theft of American Airlines uniforms, key card

ROME, Italy (CNN) -- Police in Rome, Italy, said Thursday that American Airlines uniforms and a pilot's key card were taken from a hotel earlier this year.

A pilot and a flight attendant staying at the hotel told police that their rooms were broken in to on April 6, and several important items, including the key card that granted access to the holder to any American Airlines facility in the world, were stolen while they were out to dinner.

Police said a safe from the pilot's room contained the key card, documents and the pilot's wallet and identification.

From the flight attendant's room, the burglars took an American Airlines uniform jacket and tie along with his documents and identification, including two passports.

Police, at the time, treated them as random burglaries, but, in light of the two terrorist attacks on the United States involving two American Airlines flights, they have reopened the case.

It was not immediately clear if there was any link. Of four airliners that were hijacked Tuesday, two were American Airlines flights.

American Airlines spokesman Al Becker refused to comment on the Rome report.

"We can't discuss anything that might be related to the incidents this week," he said.

Officials said they are investigating whether guests staying in the hotel at the time of the burglary may have had any involvement since it would have been difficult to get the safe out of the hotel undetected.

Police have pulled guest lists from the date of the burglaries and are screening those guests to see if any leads turn up.

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