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Boyfriend to trapped sweetheart: 'Just get out of there'

(CNN) -- Chris Mills' girlfriend Danielle Kousoulis worked on the 104th floor of the World Trade Center's north tower, and she was at her office at 8:45 a.m. Tuesday when the hijacked American Airlines flight No. 11 crashed into the tower.

Mills, who works in midtown Manhattan, ran out of his own office building and frantically started calling Danielle on his cell phone.

CNN's Paula Zahn talks to New Yorker Chris Mills who is still searching for his girlfriend following the attacks in NYC (Sept. 13)

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"I made it about two blocks or so before I could actually see the Trade Center," he said Thursday morning. "I got her on the cell phone ... I was talking to her from my cell phone to her cell phone."

The two maintained their link, Mills calling Danielle back when necessary, even after the opposite tower collapsed. As he watched from somewhere on Manhattan's Lower East Side, the two kept talking, their conversations interrupted only by Mills' calls to law enforcement officials, reminding them that survivors remained trapped on the top floors of the remaining tower.

Run, Mills urged his sweetheart. "I said 'Get out, just get out of there,' " he recalled.

CNN's Paula Zahn talked to Mills Thursday morning.

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