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New York holds out hope for survivors

Crews clear rubble at the Pentagon early Saturday evening.  

NEW YORK (CNN) -- New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani held out hope Saturday that people who were inside the World Trade Center towers when they collapsed still might be alive.

"We can find a void for a whole floor or a whole tunnel where there might be people that have not been crushed," he said. "That's still a possibility."

But as rescue workers continued their grim search Saturday, they found no survivors amid the smoldering debris left behind after hijacked planes smashed into the two towers Tuesday.

The total number of dead recovered was 159, according to police figures. Sixty are unidentified. Officials said 4,972 people are still missing.

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Giuliani said officials would re-evaluate the situation each day to determine when the rescue becomes a recovery.

New York Gov. George Pataki expressed gratitude to the tens of thousands of people who have volunteered to help the rescue effort, but said they were not needed.

"Control of the site is essential," he said. "Having people volunteer and go down to the site now is not necessary. While we are grateful ... there are other, better ways people can do it."

Except for rescue workers, people were kept from going below Canal Street, about a quarter-mile from the wreckage site. But thousands of pedestrians took advantage of the crisp, clear day and crowded the sidewalks of the street, which cuts an east-west swath across the city.

As they crossed a street that provided an uninterrupted view to where the towers used to stand, some stopped in their tracks and gazed in silence as the smoke continued to rise from the rubble. A few people looked up with tears in their eyes.

Reaching worst of Pentagon wreckage

In Washington, firefighters said Saturday they were just beginning to reach the worst part of the wreckage at the Pentagon, where a hijacked airliner crashed Tuesday and killed about 190 people.

Arlington, Virginia, Fire Chief Ed Plaugher, who is helping to direct the excavation, said four small fires were put out on Friday night and more fires were expected. Plaugher also said he thought the grim task would last at least another 10 days.

"We're now getting into the heart of the crash site," Plaugher said at a news conference.

A charred flight data recorder and damaged voice recorder from the plane were recovered from the crash site early Friday morning.

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