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Recovery: Law enforcers tour aftermath

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Rescue and recovery efforts continue in New York.  


The nation's top law enforcers toured the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Friday, commending the spirit of a city that gave its lives and its time to save people from the disaster.

Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller returned from the ruins nearly speechless but full of praise.


Work at Ground Zero was muddy and wet Friday after scattered showers early in the morning. Crews reported making significant progress, having managed to clear away the two feet of concrete, dust and ash that had filled the streets directly adjacent to the World Trade Center complex. That allowed workers and heavy equipment to move even closer to the piles of debris.Full story

Republican Tom Ridge said Friday he would step down as governor of Pennsylvania on October 5 to become the first Director of Homeland Security, a new Cabinet-level position that will coordinate information from dozens of federal agencies to defend the country against domestic terrorism.

Congressional leaders and White House officials agreed early Friday morning on an airline assistance package that includes a $15 billion financial boost and a victims compensation fund designed to limit expensive lawsuits that might otherwise bankrupt American and United Airlines -- the two companies whose planes were hijacked and destroyed last week by terrorists. Full story

U.S. stocks tumbled Friday as Wall Street ended one of its worst weeks on record, amid signs that the deadly terrorist attacks took a big toll on an already troubled economy. Full story

Northwest Airlines said Friday it will cut 10,000 jobs and reduce scheduled service by 20 percent, becoming the latest major carrier to announce sharp cutbacks after last week's terrorist attacks.

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In perhaps the most cooperative broadcasting effort ever, at least 27 television networks and dozens of radio stations will air the live special "America: A Tribute to Heroes" Friday. The show is a star-studded benefit for victims of the September 11 attacks. Full story


How long will it take to pick up the pieces in New York and Washington and return to some degree of normalcy?

How has the fabric of New York, Washington and the country as a whole been altered?

What measures will be taken to try to prevent a recurrence of such attacks?Click here for more

How will these measures affect the American way of life?

What effect will the attacks have on the economy?

What will be the global effect?


The events of September 11 exposed the vulnerability of the world's greatest superpower, presenting the United States with the challenge of recovering emotionally and physically.

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