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Divying up the $5.1 billion emergency fund release

(CNN) -- Congress has approved $40 billion to help the nation recover from the terror attacks in New York and Washington. This is how the first $5.1 billion released from that allocation will be spent.

$25 million set aside in bounty money to catch terrorists  

-- Department of Defense: $2.548 billion ($1.772 billion for intelligence, security, increasing full readiness and $776 million for initial crisis response, repairing Pentagon)

-- Federal Emergency Management Agency: $2 billion for overall emergency assistance

-- Department of Transportation: $141 million for increased air security

-- Department of Health and Human Services: $126.2 million for health-related needs of affected areas

-- Small Business Administration: $100 million to go toward support of low-interest disaster loans in affected areas

-- Department of State: $48.9 million ($24.5 million for reward fund, remained for improving communications and facilitating evacuations at domestic and international facilities)

-- Department of the Treasury: $48.4 million for aid to Treasury employees working in vicinity of World Trade Center and for counterterrorism activities

-- Department of Justice: $40.8 million for investigation

-- Department of Labor: $29 million to provide temporary jobs for relief and recovery efforts in New York

-- General Services Administration: $8.6 million for increased security at federal buildings and overtime and travel costs for law enforcement personnel

-- District of Columbia: $6 million for personnel and overtime costs of emergency response teams

-- Department of Energy: $5 million to increase security at Energy laboratories

-- International Assistance Programs: $5 million to evacuate Peace Corps volunteers and improve international communications

-- Legislative Branch: $3.3 million for increased security measures at the Capitol

-- Department of the Interior: $3.1 million for emergency response of National Park Service and U.S. Park Police crews to New York and Washington

-- Judicial Branch: $1.3 million for increased security measures

-- Executive Office of the President: $500,000 for increased security measures

-- Commodity Futures Trading Commission: $200,000 for office equipment and computers for temporary office space

-- National Transportation Safety Board: $150,000 for recovery of flight records and aid to plane crash victims' families

-- Department of Commerce: $100,000 to relocate offices of International Trade Administration

-- Export-Import Bank of the United States: $75,000 to relocate

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