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Recovery: Residents retake lower Manhattan

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Rescue and recovery efforts continue in New York.  


Residents and employees are now able to move back into lower Manhattan, except for an area of several blocks surrounding the World Trade Center site, which remained blocked off to everyone but emergency crews.

Vehicle and pedestrian access was restored for residents and business workers in the vicinity. Phone service is slowly being restored. Verizon Communications said it was in the process of restoring service as quickly as possible. The twin towers' collapse caused damage to a major Verizon switching center across the street and the cables and wires buried underground.


Emergency crews digging deep inside the rubble of the World Trade Center complex said Saturday that they could soon reach air pockets that conceivably contain survivors.

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While New York authorities have cautioned that the chances of finding anyone alive underneath the smoldering debris were slim, rescuers at the scene help out hope for a miracle.

"Today has been a significant day. We've gotten very deep, where we felt there was the possibility to find some trapped victims. And now we're in an area where we think we might find some trapped firefighters," said Capt. Stu Willig of Florida Task Force 2, one of eight urban search-and-rescue teams on the scene from across the country. Full story

Hundreds of people marched peacefully from Union Square to Times Square to demonstrate against U.S. military action in the wake of terrorist attacks that leveled the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon, killing thousands.Full story

Buried somewhere under the World Trade Center rubble lies a fortune.

Tons of gold and silver had been stored in underground vaults beneath 4 World Trade Center when the building collapsed September 11. According to the New York Mercantile Exchange, Scotia Mocatta -- the bullion and metals division of Bank of Nova Scotia -- was storing 11.8 tons of gold and 935.7 tons of silver. The gold alone is worth more than $100 million. Full story

One of Wall Street's worst weeks on record ended with more losses Friday amid signs that last week's deadly terrorist attacks took a big economic toll. Full story

Republican Tom Ridge said Friday he would step down as governor of Pennsylvania on October 5 to become the first Director of Homeland Security, a new Cabinet-level position that will coordinate information from dozens of federal agencies to defend the country against domestic terrorism.Full story

Congress on Friday passed a measure for a $15 billion financial aid package to help the crippled airline industry and set up a government compensation fund for victims to help deter lawsuits. Full story


How long will it take to pick up the pieces in New York and Washington and return to some degree of normalcy?

How has the fabric of New York, Washington and the country as a whole been altered?

What measures will be taken to try to prevent a recurrence of such attacks?Click here for more

How will these measures affect the American way of life?

What effect will the attacks have on the economy?

What will be the global effect?


The events of September 11 exposed the vulnerability of the world's greatest superpower, presenting the United States with the challenge of recovering emotionally and physically.

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