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Art students find solace in creating

(CNN) -- Art can do more than just express the yearnings of the human spirit. In times of difficulty, it can also prove a useful therapy.

For art students at Washington's Corcoran Art Gallery, creativity has proved a solace in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

CNN's Jeanne Meserve shows art is used to cope with emotions after New York and Washington tragedies (September 23)

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"When they are very powerfully motivated by profound forces in their lives, such as this kind of tragedy, they are often very stimulated to heights that they would otherwise not have achieved," says David Levy, president of the Corcoran.

Students reacted in their own ways. Musician Sherry Watkins wrote a song. Art student Jessica McMillan took her inspiration from news footage. A photojournalism class took their cameras to the Pentagon.

CNN's Jeanne Meserve takes a closer look at the relationship between art and catastrophe.

• THE CORCORAN - Gallery of Art / College of Art + Design

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