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New TV season, changed outlook

TV stars
The new TV season starts this week. L-R: Jennifer Garner of "Alias," Martin Sheen of "The West Wing," and Kelsey Grammer of "Frasier."  

(CNN) -- Life changed unalterably on September 11 with the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington. They exacted an enormous toll on Americans throughout the country. Even as the shock wore off and numbness set in, tears continued to flow and the business of entertainment seemed unimportant.

Now two weeks have passed, and Americans are beginning to return to their regular routines.

For those in Hollywood, that means a resumption of normal television programming. The new TV season's premiere week, which had been scheduled for last week but was pre-empted for the non-stop, commercial-free news coverage of the attacks, arrived Sunday.

CNN's Lauren Hunter reports on the fall television season and how it will be changing following the attacks in the U.S. (September 24)

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But the tone of the new season has changed. Some scenes are now considered inappropriate and are being altered or cut. A few of the new shows focus on the CIA -- they're being given a hard look by the networks. And all of the industry's concerns come with an overriding question: Given the nation's current mood, will anybody watch?

"Showbiz Today Reports" correspondent Lauren Hunter takes a look at how the networks are dealing with a story whose ending has yet to be written.


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