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Pentagon calls up more reservists

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Pentagon officials announced Tuesday the latest units of National Guard and Reserves to be activated.

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The call-up includes 1,940 service members specializing in communications, intelligence, security, mortuary affairs and military police support.

The latest mobilizations bring the total members of the National Guard and Reserves called to active duty to about 14,000.

They are among the 35,000 troops authorized to be called up since the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington.

Army Reserve

-- 311th Quartermaster Company, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico; 190 troops

-- 4429th Military Police Company, Pocahontas, Iowa; 79

-- Individual Mobilization Augmentation Detachment 1, Fayetteville, North Carolina; 6

Navy Reserve

-- 835 individual security and law enforcement specialists nationwide

Air Force Reserve

-- 315th Security Forces Squadron, Charleston, South Carolina; 49

-- 349th Security Forces Squadron, Fairfield, California; 47

-- 446th Security Forces Squadron, Tacoma, Washington; 52

-- 459th Security Forces Squadron, Camp Springs, Maryland; 47

-- 482nd Security Forces Squadron, Homestead, Florida; 26

-- 512th Security Forces Squadron, Dover, Delaware; 48

-- 514th Security Forces Squadron, Wrightstown, New Jersey; 50

-- 610th Intelligence Squadron, Omaha, Nebraska; 14

-- 710th Intelligence Squadron, San Antonio, Texas; 14

Army National Guard

-- Individual Mobilization Augmentation Detachment 4, Washington, D.C.; 25

Air National Guard

-- 117th Intelligence Squadron, Birmingham, Alabama; 83

-- 123rd Intelligence Squadron, Little Rock, Arkansas

-- 152nd Intelligence Squadron, Reno, Nevada; 83

-- 226th Combat Communications Group, Gadsden, Alabama; 20

-- 232nd Combat Communications Squadron, Montgomery, Alabama; 43

-- 240th Combat Communications Squadron, Columbia, South Carolina; 36

-- 251st Combat Communications Group, Springfield, Ohio; 20

-- 253rd Combat Communications Group, Falmouth, Massachusetts; 20

-- 267th Combat Communications Squadron, Falmouth, Massachusetts; 44

-- 280th Combat Communications Squadron, Gadsden, Alabama; 24


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