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Arrests in alleged German terror plot

HAMBURG, Germany (CNN) -- Three men suspected of belonging to a terrorist group that had planned attacks in Germany have been arrested.

In a statement on Saturday, the German prosecutor general said there is no evidence linking the men to the September 11 terrorists attacks against the United States, but the investigation continues.

The men -- identified as Talip T., a 27-year-old Turkish citizen, Wadee al-A., a 24-year-old Yemeni citizen, and Shahab al-A., a 26-year-old Yemeni citizen -- were arrested on Thursday in Wiesbaden.

The men were arrested on charges related to violations of weapons and documents laws, according to the statement.

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Shahab al-A, the statement said, had a loaded weapon, large amounts of cash, city maps, fake identity papers and credit cards, the prosecutor said.

He also had a bill for a round-trip plane ticket between London and Islamabad, Pakistan. The statement did not have specific information about the other two men.

The three men came to the attention of authorities following a tip that Talip T. had set up a Web page with Islamic fundamentalist content, including information about making donations to the Taliban, Muslim fighting in the Caucasus and "military education for the battle."

The Web site also included a link to a mailing list that included an e-mail address for Said Bahaji, who is wanted by German authorities.

He is charged with belonging to a terrorist group and having a role in more than 5,000 murders, a reference to the U.S. attacks.

Separately, the prosecutor general has launched another investigation into a group of men of Arabic descent living in Hamburg.

The men, who have not been named, are suspected of belonging to a terrorist group.

A spokeswoman for the federal criminal office in Wiesbaden said this investigation stems from threats made against the British Consulate General in Hamburg.

A spokesman for the British Embassy said that British authorities had been told of a "specific...and credible threat" against the consulate in Hamburg and that police had stepped up security.

-- From CNN Berlin Bureau Chief Bettina Luscher


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