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Day in quotes

(CNN) -- Following are selected quotes from the third day of U.S.-led attacks in Afghanistan:

Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense:

"Well, for one thing, we're finding that some of the targets we hit need to be re-hit. Second, we're not running out of targets, Afghanistan is."

Stephanie Bunker of the United Nations on the safety of U.N. workers in Afghanistan after the United Nations said at least four local employees of a U.N.-funded mine-clearance operation were killed Tuesday in an area east of Kabul as a result of an overnight airstrike by U.S. planes:

"Today the U.N. coordinator appeals to the international community to protect innocent civilians while military strikes are going on. People need to distinguish between combatants and those innocent civilians who do not bear arms. They also need to be mindful for protecting assets essential for the survival of Afghan civilians."

Kahled Mansour of the World Food Program on the status of food convoys for refugees in Afghanistan and the safety of aid workers:

"As of [Monday], we have temporarily suspended convoys inside the country, and we instructed our aid workers on the ground to distribute the food inside the country as much as they can as long as they feel safe and as long as they can ensure -- to a reasonable extent under the circumstances -- that the food will get to the civilian women and to the children and to the men who need it."

Chris Patten of the European Union on Osama bin Laden and moderate Arab governments:

"Bin Laden and his organization are a much bigger threat in many ways to moderate Arab governments than they are to governments in Europe and America and that is a very important point for us to get across."

U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle, D-South Dakota, Senate majority leader:

"I've never seen this country more prepared for the kinds of things that are now possible than we are right now, and we're just getting started. Our airports are more secure, our modes of transportation are more secure; we're doing better at our counterintelligence and counterterrorism activities. I think we're doing all that we can at this point to understand the network and find it worldwide. All of those things are under way, and ... our country is going to continue to be more secure; people ought to be more confident."

Abdul Salam Zaeef, Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, on U.S. accusations that the Taliban allows terrorist training camps to operate in Afghanistan:

"There is not any training camp, any terrorists. America only claims [this]. This is not true, this is false, and we can talk with [the United States] and we call on them. They should provide the evidence and proof to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, but they will not present this evidence and proof. I think they have not any evidence, only they wanted to snatch the Islamic system from the people of Afghanistan and to control this area."

Taysseer Allouni, Al Jazeera correspondent, on life in Afghanistan after U.S.-led attacks:

"Things are going on as normal in Kabul, with the exception of the fact that there's a noticeable reduction in the number of the population of Kabul, and I estimate the number who have left to be between 30 and 35 percent of the population today. After the missile attack which took place [Monday] night, we have noticed some people are packing belongings and are traveling out of the capital."

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, on other nations that might face possible U.S. military action:

"Iraq is the first country, but there are others -- Syria, Iran, Sudan -- who have continued to harbor terrorist organizations and assist them. I think we have invoked the U.N. charter as far as every nation's right of self-defense if attacked, and I believe this is the first step in preparing -- and I emphasize -- if necessary, attacks on other countries that may continue to feel that they can with impunity harbor terrorist organizations who continue to inflict acts of terror on Americans and our property."


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