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Bush: All missions being 'executed as planned'


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- One month after the deadliest terrorist attack in history, President Bush said Thursday the United States had accomplished "a great deal" in its war on terrorism, striking al Qaeda terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, weakening the Taliban regime and destroying their air defenses.

"All missions are being executed as planned on the military front," Bush said.

The president urged Americans to continue to "go about their business," despite the threats of more potential terrorist attacks.

He said an FBI alert issued Thursday that more attacks may occur over the next several days in the United States and against U.S. interests overseas was due to a "general threat."

Bush said Americans should "take comfort" from knowing their government is "doing everything we possibly can do to run down every possible lead."

As an example, the president said that in recent weeks the United States "received knowledge" that an al Qaeda operative was ready to use a crop-duster plane for a potential chemical or biological attack "on the American people."

In a prime time press conference, President Bush reports on the war on terrorism. (October 11)

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Authorities immediately contacted all crop-dusting outfits and grounded the planes.

"Americans tonight can know that while the threat is ongoing, we are taking every possible step to protect our country from danger," Bush said.

The United States is "slowly but surely" rooting out the al Qaeda terrorist network in Afghanistan headed by suspected terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden. As for bin Laden, "I don't know if he's dead or alive. I want him brought to justice, however," Bush said. "We'll smoke him out of his cave, and we will get him."

The president repeatedly referred to bin Laden and other suspected terrorists as "evil-doers."

Bush emphasized the war has nothing to do with "differences in faith. It has everything to do with people of all faiths coming together to condemn hate and evil and murder and prejudice."

"This week, 56 Islamic nations issued a statement strongly condemning the savage acts of terror and emphasizing that those acts contradict the peaceful teachings of Islam," he said. "All is strong and united on the diplomatic front."

The president announced he had a mission for all young Americans: to help feed the starving and malnourished children living under the rule of the Taliban.

He said each child in the United States should earn and donate $1 that the government would use to buy food and medicine for Afghan children.


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