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Reports: Jets pound Kabul targets overnight

(CNN) -- U.S.-led military strikes hit targets in Kabul early Saturday as jets pounded hills around the city and the airport, according to reports.

This comes after several warehouses in a Kabul Red Cross compound were bombed Friday, a Red Cross spokesman told CNN. No injuries occurred, the spokesman said.

Late Friday, the Pentagon acknowledged that fighter jets and B-52 bombers inadvertently dropped 2,000-pound bombs on the warehouses. This marks the second time in the past 10 days that U.S. bombs have struck the Red Cross warehouse complex in Kabul.

"Although details are still being investigated, preliminary indications are that the warehouses were struck due to a human error in the targeting process," the Pentagon said in a statement. "Regarding the F/A-18C that inadvertently struck the residential area, initial indications are that the bomb's guidance system malfunctioned."

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The Pentagon said it regrets the errors and emphasized its campaign is intentionally striking "only military and terrorist targets."

The attack left the Red Cross with only one warehouse, where it stores food, blankets and other items for sick and disabled people, the spokesman said. Other warehouses at the complex were destroyed in attacks October 16.

CNN's Walter Rodgers said the Taliban, the target of the U.S.-led military campaign, have previously parked military vehicles near the compound, using it as a shield.

As the airstrikes pressed on Friday, the British said they are making 200 Commando Royal Marines available immediately to support the U.S.-led military campaign.

Another 400 Marines were being "held at high readiness," Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram told Parliament. Britain also was reassigning warships, submarines and planes to aid U.S.-led airstrikes against the Taliban and Afghan terrorists.

In Tehran, Iranian state-owned television reported Friday that planes fired cruise missiles in and around the city of Herat in western Afghanistan. Iranian television is one of the few news organizations that has a correspondent in Herat.


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