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Disasters in soccer stadiums

LONDON, England - More than 100 people died in Ghana in the fourth soccer tragedy to strike Africa in a month.

The stampede at the Accra Stadium was the most deadly on the soccer-mad continent, but, as the following chronology shows, stampedes at games have claimed lives worldwide:

May 6 -- Fighting among fans at a soccer match in Ivory Coast claimed one life

April 29 -- Eight killed in a stampede in Lubumbashi, Congo

April 11 -- Forty-three people die in a crush at a stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa


July -- Thirteen die in stampede in Zimbabwae following a World Cup qualifier with South Africa


January -- Eleven killed in a stampede after a derby between Korm and Al Ittihad in Alexandria, Egypt


November -- Four die when troops open fire at Kinshasa derby between Vita Club and Motema Pembe at the Stade De Martyrs, Democratic Republic of Congo


December -- Two die in a stampede in Zaire's national stadium

Lagos, Nigeria - Five fans crushed to death as 40,000 try to leave National Stadium in Lagos after Nigeria/Guinea World Cup qualifier.

Tripoli, Liberia - Al Ahli v Al Ittihad. Eight fans killed and 39 injured as troops open fire to stop pro- and anti-Gadaffi sentiments being expressed in stadium.

October 16 -- Guatemala City - Up to 82 people die and at least 147 are injured when an avalanche of fans tumble down seats and a flight of stairs at a World Cup qualifying match between Guatemala and Costa Rica.

June 16 -- Zambia - At least seven killed during stampede at Zambia/Sudan World Cup qualifiers' match in Lusaka.


April 8 -- Freetown, Sierra Leone - At least 40 people injured, some seriously, when the main gate collapses on hundreds of fans scrambling for tickets outside a packed stadium in the capital.


July 19 -- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - At least 50 soccer fans are injured after falling five metres from the upper tier at Rio's Maracana stadium after part of the fence gives way.

May 5 -- Bastia, Corsica - At least 15 people die when a temporary stand at the Furiani stadium collapses minutes before the kick-off at the French Cup semifinal between second division Bastia and Marseille.


July 15 -- Nairobi, Kenya - One fan is killed and 24 injured in a stampede during an African Nations' Cup qualifying match between Kenya and Mozambique.

Jan 14 -- Johannesburg, South Africa - Forty people die after being crushed against a stadium fence, trampled underfoot or stabbed as thousands of fans surge towards a jammed exit to escape rival brawling spectators at a match south-west of Johannesburg.


April 15 -- Sheffield, England - Ninety-five people are killed and at least 200 injured in Britain's worst sports disaster after a crowd surge crushes packed fans against barriers at the English F.A. Cup semifinal match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at the Hillsborough stadium.


March 12 -- Kathmandu, Nepal - A stampede towards locked exits in a hailstorm at Nepal's national soccer stadium produces the country's worst civilian disaster when 70 fans are killed.

March -- Tripoli - Two fans die when a stand at Tripoli's international stadium collapses.


May 29 -- Brussels, Belgium - Thirty-nine fans, mostly Italians, die in rioting before the European Cup Final between Italy's Juventus and English club Liverpool at the Heysel Stadium.

May 26 -- Mexico City, Mexico - Ten people are trampled to death and 29 are injured when they try to force their way into a stadium to see a domestic match.

May 11 -- Bradford, England - Fifty-six people die and more than 200 are injured when fire engulfs the main stand at Valley Parade stadium.


November -- Cali, Colombia - Twenty-four people die and 250 are hurt when drunken fans provoke a stampede at a soccer match.

November -- Algiers, Algeria - A concrete roof at a stadium collapses, killing 10 spectators.

July -- Moscow - Up to 340 people are crushed to death when fans leaving the stadium try to re-enter the stands after a last-minute goal in a UEFA Cup tie between Moscow Spartak and Dutch side Haarlem at the Luzhniki stadium, according to Sovietsky Sport. The government newspaper Izvestia puts the death toll at 66.


February -- Piraeus, Greece - Twenty-four people die in a stampede as fans rush to leave the ground.


August -- Nigeria - Twenty-four fans die and 27 are injured in a stampede following floodlight failure.


May -- Ghana - Fifteen people die and 35 are injured when part of a wall collapsed.


January -- Glasgow - Sixty-six people die in a crowd crush at Ibrox stadium.


Argentina - Over 70 people die when crowds attending a match in Buenos Aires stampede after youths throw burning paper on to the terraces.


May -- Lima, Peru - More than 300 fans die in a riot during an Olympic qualifying match between Argentina and Peru.

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