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Cuba: U.S. risks promoting 'law of the jungle'

HAVANA, Cuba (CNN) -- The Cuban government said Wednesday that the United States risks reducing the world to "the law of the jungle" through its battle against terrorism.

The statement said that allowing the United States "to kill at its own discretion without any legal norms, without any trial, at times without proof" is a "barbarous and uncivilized development."

The United States "cannot utilize the horrible thing that has happened to them" to impose a neo-fascist system on the world, the statement said.

The Cuban government said it had been the victim of the U.S. government's attitudes, citing "countless assassination attempts" against Cuban officials.

The statement said unless the United States changes course it risks "ending up becoming a terrorist power like the one it is it trying to condemn."

The statement calls on the United States to provide proof against the terrorists it believes are responsible for last week's attack and to give the people in Afghanistan time to respond.

The statement concludes that "the U.S. people want justice, not vengeance."

The statement is signed simply, "The government of Cuba."

-- From CNN Havana Bureau Chief Lucia Newman

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