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Afghan Alliance preparing 'multi-pronged attack'

(CNN) -- Northern Alliance troops say they are preparing to launch a "multi-pronged attack" against Taliban positions in northern Afghanistan.

Haron Amin, a spokesman for the opposition group said they are preparing to launch attacks on the capitol, Kabul, and the strategic city of Mazar-e-Sharif.

He said the offensive could begin in about a week if the heavy U.S. bombing of Taliban front-line positions continues.

However, he said that the Northern Alliance would be better prepared if it had more support, in the form of tanks, artillery and other heavy weapons, from the United States.

Two top U.S. generals directing the effort said Sunday the campaign is proceeding as planned and is degrading the Taliban's military capacity.

U.S. Army Gen. Tommy Franks, commander in chief of the U.S. Central Command, told ABC's This Week that "we are making great progress."

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Richard Myers told NBC's Meet The Press that, while the Taliban remain a "substantial force," the U.S.-led campaign has put them "on their heels" by degrading their military capability.

U.S. assistance

Myers also said that in the last two days, "a couple more teams" of U.S. troops were inserted into Afghanistan to assist opposition forces trying to topple the ruling Taliban.

U.S. bombers launched a fierce attack Sunday on Taliban frontline positions in northeast Afghanistan in the heaviest day of bombing since U.S. planes began targeting the area a week ago.

The strikes near the village of Dashtiqala were coordinated by the Northern Alliance commanders and resulted in Taliban casualties, according to the Alliance's vice defense minister.

The Alliance minister said Taliban radio was crackling with calls for cars and trucks to move the wounded.

He cited Taliban radio as his source for news that a Taliban Arab commander named Tabuk was killed.

The bombing began before dawn and lasted for about seven hours.

CNN's Satinder Bindra reported the attacks were so intense, it was difficult to count the number of explosions.

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