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Tiananmen book sequel likely: editor

HONG KONG, China -- The editors and compiler of a book on the events leading up to the June 4, 1989 crackdown on pro democracy protesters in China's capital are thinking about releasing a sequel.

Part two of "The Tiananmen Papers" will cover the high-level, decision-making process leading up to the event.

Sinologist Perry Link, one of the book's co-editors, said they had only published a small portion of the 6,000-odd pages of material that had been brought out of China.

Link also hinted that the sources that brought out the classified documents from internal archives in Beijing might also be able to provide "updates," a reference to post-1989 events.

Zhang Liang, the compiler who took the documents to the U.S., has written several articles on recent political developments in China for a Hong Kong newspaper.

Papers are authentic: Link

The Chinese edition of the Tiananmen Papers, which is more than double the length of the English edition, is coming out in Taiwan and Hong Kong in April.

Link told Hong Kong reporters he could vouch for the authenticity of the papers.

He said he and his colleagues had found several erroneous facts in transcripts of conversations between top cadres.

"(But) this in no way detracts from the authenticity of the documents," Link said, adding the cadres in question might have made a factual error, or had been fed wrong information.

Link added the fierce negative reaction of the Chinese authorities to the book was further proof of their authenticity.

"[President] Jiang Zemin said in an internal meeting that the Papers amounted to 'the worst case ever of the leakage of state secrets'," Link said.

"If the Papers were a mere fabrication, Chinese authorities would not have taken so many precautions to minimize its impact on cadres and citizens."

China plans "Tiananmen" rebuttal

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