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China media criticizes Bush's 100 days in office

President George W. Bush
Tension between China and Bush is increased after the spy plane collision  

BEIJING, China -- China’s state-run media has dismissed the regional policies of U.S. President George W. Bush as being driven by weakness and a yearning for media attention.

In its own assessment of George W. Bush's first 100 days in office, the main party newspaper, People's Daily, chides the U.S. President for being "arrogant", "emotional", "egotistic" and "capricious" in handling foreign affairs.

It says Bush should learn from his predecessor Bill Clinton, and put more effort into learning about international relations.

Commenting on Bush’s policies on missile defense, Taiwan and other sensitive issues, the newspaper describes Bush as having been vague in his 100-day-in-office remarks to U.S. media.

"His good feeling comes from two things: the tax-cut bill has been going smoothly. Secondly, he acts on his own concerning international affairs. On the surface, he has coped with all the troubles but the consequence is still unknown,” says the paper.

The commentary says Bush has been eager to show his political "character", not trying to act low-key during his "apprentice period".

It says Bush is on bad terms with Russia concerning espionage issues, while U.S.-Japanese relations have been getting worse after the collision of U.S. submarine with a Japan fishing vessel.

Poor U.S.-China relations

U.S.-China relations have taken a severe blow following the recent collision of a U.S. Navy spy plane and Chinese fighter, as well as the U.S. agreement to sell military equipment to Taiwan, it said.

Commemorating Bush’s first 100 days in office at the weekend, U.S. politicians credited the U.S. president for restoring civility to Washington, while his domestic political opponents hammered his environmental policies.

"We got a real strong start in the first 100 days," Bush's top political adviser, Karl Rove, told CNN.

"It's going to allow us to make a lot of progress in the days to come," he added.

Rove said the administration's priority for the next 100 days will be to get the top priorities of his administration -- including a tax cut, education reform and his proposal for allow government funding for "faith-based" social services -- through Congress.

A CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll in the U.S. showed 62 percent of respondents said Bush was doing a good job as president, compared to 55 percent for former President Clinton at the same point in his presidency.

But 63 percent said big business has too much influence over the administration.

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