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Dalai Lama to U.S.: Use 'human wisdom'

Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama believes the threat from terrorism can be resolved without violence  

(CNN) -- The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, leads a life of exile in India. Since fleeing his homeland 42 years ago, the Nobel Peace Laureate has preached non-violence in every conflict.

In an exclusive interview with CNN's Rosemary Church, the Dalai Lama was asked about his response to the terrorist attacks in the U.S.

CHURCH: Can we start with your reaction to those terror attacks on the United States.

DALAI LAMA: Of course it is really shocking, very, very sad. I always consider all these destructive, awful sorts of actions are out of hatred. It is really very sad and very shocking.

CHURCH: How do you think the United States should respond?

DALAI LAMA: This is a very difficult question, but basically I feel when you take counter-measures for violence, you need to very carefully think, and use human wisdom according to a non-violent principle. I think this is very important. This is my feeling.

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CHURCH: What message do you think that sends the world if the U.S., as a superpower, sits back and accepts these kinds of terrorist attacks and does nothing?

DALAI LAMA: I think it is a very good opportunity now since they (the U.S.) are facing terrorism. It seems now there is worldwide enthusiasm there.

There is a good opportunity to use this (to develop a) long run effective, preventive measure.

Out of emotion, out of anger people think in a violent way of action. It is natural for every human to think this way, but it is important not to think (this way). They must think very carefully.

CHURCH: So you see long-term prevention. What sort of prevention?

DALAI LAMA: I am no expert. I am quite sure with calm mind and with vision of long-term safety of the world and then with colored discussion (it can be done) according to non-violence principle. I think various matters in some cases, more aggressive matters (may also be) necessary.

CHURCH: Your holiness, if you had the opportunity to talk to the people who perpetrated these acts what would you say?

DALAI LAMA: I will say they are also human beings if something happened to their own relatives or they themselves. I think their experience of pain or suffering is also there - and (just) by nature there is suffering (and a) desire to get rid of suffering.

Today's world is very complicated or very interest related (in) nature. I think it is very important to know that nature in order to solve one sort of conflict.

Their (the terrorists) act, this awful act, a lot of people worldwide disliked (them) for these terrorist activities. Therefore actually it is harmful for their own goal in the long run.

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