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Solana: E.U. 'confident' of allied action

E.U. international policy chief Javier Solana:
E.U. international policy chief Javier Solana: "The fight against terrorism is our fight, and together we're going to win it."  

(CNN) -- Javier Solana, the European Union's high representative for common foreign and security policy, spoke from Luxembourg Sunday with CNN's Judy Woodruff, who wanted to know the E.U.'s perspective on the U.S.-British military action in Afghanistan.

JAVIER SOLANA: We think this operation is fully legitimate, according to the U.N. Security Council. And the European Union has all the solidarity with the United States.

The fight against terrorism is our fight, and together we're going to win it.

JUDY WOODRUFF: What is the European Union -- Europe, the West -- in your view, authorizing the U.S. and Great Britain to do? Surely you're not saying they can do whatever they want. What are the limits, if you will, in what they've been authorized to do?

SOLANA: We have full confidence that the United States and Great Britain -- and other countries of the European Union, which have contributed by other means not directly involved at this point -- we have full confidence that the objective is to defeat terrorism.

This is an objective that has not only a military component, but also a political component -- the sharing of information, the stopping of financial resources that may arrive to these groups, stopping the weapons that may arrive to these groups. So this is a battle in which we are all engaged.

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WOODRUFF: How much does this continued support on the part of the E.U. and other Western nations hinge on (a) how successful this campaign is on getting the Taliban out of power and (b) the number of civilian casualties?

SOLANA: The campaign, we think, will be successful. And they can continue to count on the support of the European Union and the European Union's people.

WOODRUFF: You're saying without regard to casualties?

SOLANA: We know that a military operation has risks. But I am sure -- we are sure -- that the United States and the European countries which are participating will have a very targeted operation.

They will do their utmost to focus on those who are responsible for the terrible crimes of September -- and contain them.

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