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New cardinals created by the pope

John Paul called from 27 countries to be part of the church's most elite group
John Paul called from 27 countries to be part of the church's most elite group  

VATICAN CITY -- Pope John Paul II created 44 new cardinals in a ceremony watched by about 40,000 people who came to St. Peter's Square on Wednesday.

The number of "Cardinal elector's" rose to an unprecedented 135, most of them appointed by John Paul II and putting a lasting stamp on the elite group that will choose the next pope.

Here is a list of their names, nationalities and current positions.

1. Archbishop Giovanni Battista Re, 67, Italian, Prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for Bishops.

2. Archbishop Francois Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan, 72, Vietnamese, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

Pope inducts 'princes of the church'

3. Archbishop Agostino Cacciavillan, 74, Italian, president of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See.

4. Archbishop Sergio Sebastiani, 69, Italian, president of the Prefecture of the Economic Affairs of the Holy See.

5. Archbishop Zenon Grocholewski, 61, Polish, Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education.

6. Archbishop Jose Saraiva Martins, 69, Portuguese, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

7. Archbishop Crescenzio Sepe, 57, secretary-general of the Committee for the 2000 Jubilee Year.

8. Archbishop Jorge Maria Mejia, 77, Argentine, chief archivist of the Holy Roman Church.

9. His Beatitude Ignace Moussa I Daoud, 70, Syrian, Prefect of the Congregation for Oriental Churches.

10. Archbishop Mario Francesco Pompedda, 71, Italian, Prefect of the Supreme Apostolic Tribunal.

11. Bishop Walter Kasper, 67, German, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

12. Archbishop Antonio Jose Gonzalez Zumarraga, 75, Ecuadorean, Archbishop of Quito.

13. Archbishop Ivan Dias, Indian, 64, Archbishop of Bombay.

14. Archbishop Geraldo Majella Agnelo, 67, Brazilian, Archbishop of Sao Salvador da Bahia.

15. Archbishop Pedro Rubiano Saenz, 68, Colombian, Archbishop of Bogota.

16. Archbishop Theodore Edgar McCarrick, 70, American, Archbishop of Washington D.C.

17. Archbishop Desmond Connell, 74, Irish, Archbishop of Dublin.

18. Archbishop Audrys Juozas Backis, 63, Lithuanian, Archbishop of Vilnius.

19. Archbishop Francisco Javier Errazuriz Ossa, 67, Chilean, Archbishop of Santiago.

20. Archbishop Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga, 58, Honduran, Archbishop of Tegucigalpa.

21. Archbishop Bernard Agre, 74, Ivorian, Archbishop of Abidjan.

22. Archbishop Louis-Marie Bille, 62, French, Archbishop of Lyon.

23. Archbishop Ignacio Antonio Velasco Garcia, 72, Venezuelan, Archbishop of Caracas.

24. Archbishop Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, 57, Peruvian, Archbishop of Lima.

25. Archbishop Francisco Alvarez Martinez, 75, Spanish, Archbishop of Toledo.

26. Archbishop Claudio Hummes, Brazilian, 66, Archbishop of Sao Paulo.

27. Archbishop Varkey Vithayathil, Indian, 73, Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malabar Church in India.

28. Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 64, Argentine, Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

29. Archbishop Jose da Cruz Policarpo, 64, Portuguese, Patriarch of Lisbon.

30. Archbishop Severino Poletto, 67, Italian, Archbishop of Turin.

31. Archbishop Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, 68, British, Archbishop of Westminster, London.

32. Archbishop Edward Michael Egan, 68, American, Archbishop of New York.

33. Archbishop Lubomyr Husar, 67, Ukranian, Major Archbishop of Lviv, Ukraine, head of the Eastern Rite Ukrainian Catholic Church, which is also known as the Greek Catholic Church.

34. Archbishop Johannes Joachim Degenhardt, 74, German, Archbishop of Paderborn, Germany.

35. Bishop Karl Lehmann, 64, German, Bishop of Mainz, Germany.

36. Archbishop Julio Terrazas Sandoval, 64, Bolivian, Archbishop of Santacruz, Bolivia.

37. Archbishop Wilfred Fox Napier, 59, South African, Archbishop of Durban, South Africa.

38. Archbishop Marian Jaworski, 74, Ukrainian, Archbishop of the Latin Rite (Roman) Catholics in Ukraine.

39. Archbishop Janis Pujats, 70, Latvian, Archbishop of Riga.

40. Father Roberto Tucci, 79, Italian, head of Vatican Radio and main organiser of Pope's foreign trips.

41. His Beatitude Stephanos II Ghattas, 81, Egyptian, Patriarch of Alexandria of the Copts.

42. Archbishop Jean Honore, 80, French, Archbishop Emeritus of Tours.

43. Monsignor Leo Scheffczyk, 80, German, theologian.

44. Father Avery Dulles, 82, American, Jesuit theologian.

Pope inducts 'princes of the church'
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