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U.S., British planes attack Iraq targets

By Bob Franken
CNN National Correspondent

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- British and U.S. jets on Thursday again attacked Iraqi "anti-aircraft artillery and command and control vehicles," according to the U.S. Central Command. It said the attack was "in response to hostile Iraqi threats."

Iraq said that aircraft had hit "service and military installations" in the Bhiqar and Basra areas in southern Iraq. A military spokesman said one civilian was wounded in the stike.

The U.S. announcement goes on to say the sorties were "self-defense measures" and " not related to the president's campaign against terrorism."

The last strike by U.S. fighters was nearly a week ago.

Northern and southern no-fly zones were put in place over Iraq following the 1991 Persian Gulf War as part of an effort to prevent the Baghdad government of President Saddam Hussein from persecuting the minority Shiite Muslims in the south and the Kurdish population in northern Iraq.


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