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Blizzard to hit Northeast

March 5, 2001
Web posted at: 1:23 PM EST (1823 GMT)

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Editor's note: If you are planning to use the news story that this lesson plan is based on for a homework assignment, please write the URL on the board and have your students copy it. updates the site in the early evening, so students may have difficulty finding it without the URL. You can find the lesson plan by going to the Subject Areas page and clicking PREVIOUS in the square for Today's Lesson Plan.

After students read article, "Northeast U.S. battles monster storm," ask the following questions:

1. How much snow is expected in parts of the Northeast? What precautions have been taken by government officials, and why? In what ways have individual citizens prepared? One store manager said, "I've had numerous customers take two carts of stuff, like they're going to get snowed in for the weekend, like we're back in 'Little House on the Prairie' times." Why do you think that people tend to hoard food when there is a possibility of bad weather? Do two carts of food for a weekend sound excessive to you? Why or why not?

2. In what ways does a major blizzard affect businesses? Which do you think are most affected by the storm, and why? How does snow in the Northeast affect people living in other parts of the country, and even around the world?

3. If you live in the Northeast, in what ways does winter weather affect you? If you live in other areas of the United States or world, for what kinds of weather do you need to prepare? What kinds of preparations do you, your family and your community make to stay safe during adverse weather?

4. Have students chart the many ways that weather in your area affects their lifestyles -- in terms of clothes they wear, activities they do, jobs they may hold, etc. Ask students: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why? How much does the weather in the area of your choice have to do with your preference?

5. Learn much more about winter weather causes and effects with materials from our educational partner,

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