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Lay offered Rubin job on Enron board

NEW YORK (CNNFN) -- Former Enron Chairman Kenneth Lay offered Robert Rubin a seat on Enron's Board while Rubin was still Treasury Secretary during the Clinton administration, CNNfn has confirmed.

The offer was made through a letter Lay sent to Rubin on May 14, 1999, two days after Rubin announced his intentions to step down from his government post.

The letter extolled the Treasury secretary's service, " . . . you have done an outstanding job not only for your country but for the world. Your steady hand will be missed."

He went on to praise Lawrence Summers, Rubin's pending replacement. He then wrote, "One additional point. If you are considering joining any corporate boards, I would like very much to talk to you.

"Given the way Enron has evolved, not only do we badly need a person with your experience and insights but also I think you would find serving on our board intellectually and otherwise interesting. I have placed a call to you in the hope that I might mention this to you personally. "

Rubin did not accept the offer and instead went to work for the financial services company Citigroup.




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