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Lieberman asks White House for all Enron contacts

Lieberman's Governmental Affairs Committee is investigating the Enron case.
Lieberman's Governmental Affairs Committee is investigating the Enron case.  

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee has asked the White House to disclose all contacts between administration officials and Enron executives.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Connecticut, also wants members of Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force to disclose any contacts they had with Enron concerning the national energy policy Cheney's group developed last year.

And Lieberman has asked the federal archivist to provide all communications since 1992 regarding Enron from eight agencies, including any contact regarding the administration's energy policy.

The eight agencies include the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Export Import Bank, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and the departments of Labor, Energy and Commerce.

On March 22, the Governmental Affairs Committee authorized subpoenas for Enron and the accounting firm Arthur Andersen for information concerning the Houston-based energy company's communications with the White House and Cheney's task force.

In a statement, Lieberman -- who was Al Gore's vice presidential running mate in the 2000 presidential race -- said, "We've learned that too many watchdogs failed to bark. A broad inquiry ... demands that contacts between the White House and these agencies be reviewed."




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