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Clinton cleared in one probe of clemency grants

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The investigation into former President Bill Clinton's grant of clemency to the leaders of a New York Hasidic Jewish community has been closed without action, U.S. Attorney James Comey said Thursday.

Comey also announced that no new charges will be filed against the leaders of the New Square, New York, community for allegedly bilking federal and state government aid programs of millions of dollars.

Clinton granted clemency to the community leaders after they were convicted of defrauding several federal and state grant, loan, and subsidy programs, then using the money for themselves and other residents in New Square.

The grants of clemency came during a flurry of pardons issued by Clinton in his final days in office in January 2001. Many of those pardons are being investigated for impropriety, including that of fugitive financier Marc Rich.

Comey said his office's investigation into other pardons is continuing.

Residents of New Square voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Rodham Clinton in her successful bid for a Senate seat in New York.

Senator Clinton's office refused to comment on the closing of the investigation.




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