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Key Republicans pleased with Sarbanes

Maryland Democratic Sen. Paul Sarbanes  

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The latest from the political grapevine, compiled by CNN Political Unit staff

CNN's Bob Novak reports that key Republicans were pleased with the way Maryland Democratic Sen. Paul Sarbanes championed his corporate accounting bill that passed the Senate unanimously on Monday. They believe that he was fair, that he was not too partisan, that he refrained from being too political.

According to Novak, the senator who has really riled these Republican senators is one their own: They feel that Arizona's John McCain has been grandstanding and causing all sorts of problems for the GOP colleagues.

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain  

Speaking of McCain, Novak has been speaking to Arizona Republicans, and has learned that the folks back home feel if McCain runs for any office in 2004, there's a better chance it will be for president rather than senate.

McCain has said he won't run for president and will make up his mind about a re-election bid after the November elections, but the consensus in Arizona is that McCain will not run, Novak reports. He adds, "I'm also told that first-term GOP Congressman Jeff Flake has already decided he will run for McCain's seat in 2004."

Novak also reports that lots of Congressmen, particularly on the Democratic side, are nervous about a forthcoming book by former SEC chairman Arthur Leavitt, coming out this fall. The book's entitled "Take on the Street," and in it he will assert that congressmen in both parties sabotaged his efforts to crack down on accounting firms.

"I'm told it's a bipartisan hit, but that some Democrats who are now loudly complaining about accounting firms should be nervous when Leavitt's book comes out," Novak says.




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