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Gov. Dean releases personal finances

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Campaign news from around the country, compiled by CNN Political Unit staff and written by Rob Harber.

Vermont Gov. Howard Dean
Vermont Gov. Howard Dean  

  • Vermont Gov. Howard Dean says he treats the public's money as if it were its own and he says his personal finances prove his point. Dean has released his financial records, which place his net worth at about $4 million. The governor says $4 million is a lot of money but, in his words, "I am not Bill Gates."

  • Sen. John Edwards
    Sen. John Edwards  

  • Dean is among the Democrats who are considering a White House run and trailing President Bush in their own home states. In a new poll taken by "The Hotline," Bush has double-digit leads over most of the leading Democrats among their home state voters. He leads Sen. John Edwards by 17 points in North Carolina and Gov. Roy Barnes by 17 points in Georgia. He leads Al Gore by 16 points in Tennessee, and Rep. Richard Gephardt by 14 points in Missouri. His largest lead 18 points is over Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle in South Dakota. Two potential candidates lead Bush in their home states: Sen. John Kerry in Massachusetts, by 23 points; and Sen. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut, by three points.

  • In California, Republican Bill Simon is side stepping questions about his past use of a specific tax shelter. Simon has refused to say how much he may have saved in taxes by using the tax shelter, which is now being challenged in a court case by the IRS. Simon has described the matter as a dispute between the IRS and his accounting firm. He has not been accused of any wrongdoing.




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