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Tuesday's primaries yield more losses for Emily's List

Tuesday's primaries yield more losses for Emily's List

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Bob Novak says the group Emily's List, whose goal is to get women elected to office, took another battering in Tuesday's primary elections. Novak says that even though Rep. Lynn Rivers' campaign was a big priority for Emily's List, she lost to Rep. John Dingell in Michigan. In Illinois, Nancy Kaszak lost to Rahm Emanuel. "They've just had one losing candidate after the other, and candidates are now beginning to wonder just how important their endorsement really is, " Novak says.

However, he adds, there is a rising political star who happens to be a woman. Her name is Jennifer Granholm, the Democratic nominee for governor in Michigan. According to Novak, Democrats believe she is almost a lock to win her race against Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus. "Also, I'm hearing more and more from Democrats around the country that the next time there's a woman on a national ticket, it is likely to be her, not Sen. Clinton from New York.," Novak says. "The thinking is that Granholm is seen as less threatening than Hillary."

Republican strategists won't admit it, but they are privately downgrading their hopes of winning the Iowa seat, Novak says. Republican Gret Ganske is running against incumbent Sen. Tom Harkin in a seat the GOP had thought it could pick up. "But they see that Ganske has very little cash, he spent a lot during his primary battle, and he's not a good fund raiser," Novak says. "Meanwhile, Harkin was back in Washington last week fighting to get some kind of prescription drug bill, so they think Harkin is now probably safe."

However, Novak reports, Republicans now are somewhat hopeful about two other seats: they think New Jersey's Dough Forester has a shot against embattled Bob Torricelli, and that Rep. Saxby Chambliss could beat incumbent Max Cleland.

President Bush won't be the only family member doing some fund raising while he's vacationing in Texas this month. Novak reports that first lady Laura Bush will hold a fundraiser for Senate candidate John Cornyn at the Four Seasons Hotel next Wednesday. "I hear it's a $250 a ticket, $2,500 for a table and a whopping $5,000 if you want a picture with the first lady," Novak says.




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