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Bush to discuss economy with American workers

'Investigating, arresting, and prosecuting corporate wrongdoers'

Bush to discuss economy with American workers

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush will meet with "people on the front lines of the American economy" next week to assess the country's economic situation, Bush said in his weekly radio address Saturday.

Corporate scandals, a recession and the effects of the September 11 terror attacks have hurt the U.S. economy, but Bush expressed optimism in his address.

"The American economy faces challenges. Yet, the great strengths of America are more than equal to its challenges," he said. "We are acting to reach the full potential of economy."

Bush said last year's tax cut and the recently enacted Trade Promotion Authority will open foreign markets to U.S. goods and help get the economy back on track.

He also said the government is actively "investigating, arresting, and prosecuting corporate wrongdoers."

Hundreds of companies will submit signed statements this week to the Securities and Exchange Commission to report any problems or verify their financial records are accurate, Bush said.

In his address, Bush gave examples of working-class Americans participating in Wednesday's economic forum, including Xavier Teixido, a restaurant owner from Delaware and Maria Sobrino, who owns a successful food production company in Southern California.

"Mr. Teixico and Mrs. Sobrino will tell us about the obstacles small business owners face, and offer opinions about how the federal government can help small businesses thrive and create more jobs," Bush said.

The forum will be held at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.




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