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Democrats rap GOP on Social Security

Herrera: Don't put it on 'the Wall Street roulette wheel'

Democrats rap GOP on Social Security

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) -- With midterm elections three months away and control of the House and Senate at stake, the Democratic Party on Saturday accused its GOP rivals of failing to lead the country and siding with special interests over U.S. families.

Dario Herrera, who is running for Congress in Nevada's third district, announced in the party's weekly radio address that Democrats "are poised for historic victories that will put us back in control" of Congress.

Herrera criticized the Republican leadership on several fronts, including "raiding the Social Security Trust Fund to the tune of $2 trillion."

"Here in Las Vegas, we know a thing or two about gambling, and we know that Social Security should never be put on the Wall Street roulette wheel," Herrera said, referring to the Republicans' plan to privatize Social Security.

Social Security, which funds retirement, disability and other benefits, is widely expected to begin running deficits in about 15 years.

Twisting a Reagan-era slogan discouraging teen drug use into a criticism on the Republicans' prescription drug plan, Herrera called the GOP plan "a fraud written by the drug companies."

"Democrats want to help seniors and other Americans who are coping with prescription drug costs that are rising at three times the rate of inflation," Herrera said. "But the Republican approach is: Just Say No. Just Say No to drugs. Prescription drugs, that is."

The congressional candidate also blamed the Bush administration for cutting funds for education reform and accused Republicans of protecting employers over workers in the party's pension reform.

The Nevada congressional candidate also criticized the Bush administration's decision to move ahead with an underground nuclear storage facility in Nevada's Yucca Mountain, despite "grave health and economic dangers."

The Democratic National Committee is holding a three-day summer meeting in Las Vegas, which wraps up Saturday.




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