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GOP leaders cancel ad attacking Mondale

Coleman: 'We have a chance to make it a positive event'

Democrat Walter Mondale, left, and Republican Norm Coleman
Democrat Walter Mondale, left, and Republican Norm Coleman

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ST. PAUL, Minnesota (CNN) -- Responding to a request from U.S. Senate candidate Norm Coleman, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has decided to pull an ad attacking Coleman's Democratic opponent in Minnesota, Walter Mondale.

The committee had shipped the ad to local TV stations Thursday. In it a voice criticized the economic stagnation of the years Mondale served as vice president under Jimmy Carter.

Shortly after CNN reported on the existence of the ad, Coleman released a statement asking his party's leaders not to air it.

"I implore all those who support my efforts, including the state and national Republican committees -- do not run any negative ads," Coleman said in the statement late Thursday night.

Promising a positive and clean campaign, Coleman said, "We have a chance to make it a positive event -- an event that unites us in civic honor and patriotism."

In place of the negative ad, Republican leaders have released one touting Coleman's record as mayor of St. Paul. The ad began airing on Minneapolis TV stations Friday.

--From CNN Congressional Correspondent Jonathan Karl

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