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Carmakers: Fiat


(CNN) -- Fiat Auto is the world's sixth-largest carmaker but could slide further down the list unless it stops the rot as market share continues to decline.

Fiat Auto is part of the wider Fiat group, which is controlled by the founding Agnelli family. The Agnellis have turned to one of their trusted lieutenants, Paolo Fresco, to turn the business around.

The company, which has already sold a stake in sports car maker Ferrari to a bank, owns the Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lancia and Maserati brands.

Fiat also makes farm and construction equipment and owns insurance and aviation businesses.

General Motors bought a 20 percent stake in Fiat Auto and has an option to buy the remainder of the company from 2004.

While both companies have denied GM would buy Fiat Auto, many industry analysts believe it is a done deal and GM could step in earlier.

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Chairman: Paolo Fresco

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