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Statement of John Walker's family

(CNN) -- Statement issued by the family of John Walker following the U.S. Justice Department's announcement that the American Taliban fighter would be tried on several charges, including conspiracy to kill Americans abroad.

We are heartened by news reports that John will soon be coming home. We are anxious to see him, to know his condition first-hand, and to tell him we love him. We are also grateful for the medical treatment and care John has received from U.S. Military authorities during this time. To them, we extend our sincere thanks.

Walker charged with murder conspiracy 
Bush made decision on Walker 10 days ago 

We are disappointed, however, that the government has held and interrogated John for 45 days without allowing him any messages from his family or access to his attorney. We have written numerous letters to John since his capture on December 1. The International Committee of the Red Cross has tried to deliver three letters we have written to John, but in each instance has not been allowed to do so. In those letters, we told John that we love him and support him. We also told him that he has a lawyer who is trying to see him and help him.

We have also written letters to John in care of the ship on which he is being held, the USS BATAAN, but we have not had confirmation that any of those letters were delivered.

We now hope that we will see our son soon and give him the love and support he needs. We are grateful to live in a nation that presumes innocence and withholds judgment until all of the facts are presented, and we pray for a just resolution of this case.




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