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'Goldmember' approved as Austin Powers title

From Rachel Wells

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Yeah, baby -- Hollywood's International Man of Mystery will be able to keep his "shagadelic" film title.

The third installment of the cinematic series featuring comic spy Austin Powers will be called "Austin Powers in Goldmember" after all.

MGM and New Line Cinema announced Thursday that the two studios had reached an agreement allowing New Line to use the word "Goldmember" in the title of the new film, the latest in the hugely profitable "Austin Powers" series featuring Mike Myers.

MGM and Danjaq, the British company that controls the film license for James Bond property, had obtained a cease-and-desist order in January prohibiting New Line from calling the movie "Austin Powers in Goldmember." MGM disapproved of the title's double entendre -- a takeoff on the 1964 Bond classic "Goldfinger" -- and released the legal hounds to force the name change.

"MGM/UA and Danjaq have a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone who tries to trade in on the James Bond franchise without authorization," an MGM spokesman told E! Online in January.

A Motion Picture Association of America arbitration panel sided with MGM.

New Line subsequently began recalling all promotional materials bearing the "Goldmember" word.

New Line told CNN that as part of the agreement to allow use of the "Goldmember" title, all future titles that may be construed as parodies of James Bond will be subject to MGM's approval.

The film, expected to be a box office hit, is scheduled to open July 26.




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