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Kendis Gibson: From the Lisa Lopes funeral

Kendis Gibson
Kendis Gibson  

(CNN) -- The funeral service for TLC singer Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was held Thursday in Lithonia, Georgia. CNN's Kendis Gibson reports from the site.

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: This morning, a sad farewell to a musician who put the "L" in TLC. Thousands are gathering for the funeral of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, the Grammy Award-winning artist who died in a car crash while vacationing in Honduras last week.

CNN's Kendis Gibson is in Lithonia, Georgia, and he joins us now.

Good morning, Kendis.

KENDIS GIBSON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hello. We are still a couple of hours away from the start of the service, but already, there's a lot of activity here. And take a look at this, they are expecting upwards of 30,000 people to come here and mourn Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes now.

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(Camera pans along crowd.) Double the number of people that you see there, because people who are lined up around this parking lot, all here to mourn the R&B superstar.

Of course, you know Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was one-third of the group TLC, known for such hits as "Waterfalls" and "No Scrubs," (one of the) biggest-selling female groups of all time ... so you can understand, perhaps, why so many people were here.

She was killed one week ago while in Honduras, a place that she went often. She ... got into a car crash and was killed a week ago this Thursday.

Now of course many of the folks have been mourning, including this young man, here, Scott.

Scott, what made you want to come here?

SCOTT: Well, first of all I'm a number one fan of hers. And my heart just went out when she had the accident, because I was in a car accident. So I just wanted to be here for her.

GIBSON: Thank you.

Now a lot of folks here really did not know Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, and they are among the thousands that will come here.

Blair here actually did know her, and I can't imagine. I see you're in tears, but I can't imagine your grief right now.

BLAIR: I didn't know her like that. I knew her brother and I knew her heart, you know what I'm saying, all her fans did. And there's some people here that were in her video. You know, that's how sweet she was, she opened her video for fans to come down and be in it.

GIBSON: What it is about that made so many people come here, I think?

BLAIR: She was so special. She was so outspoken. If you ever watched any TLC interview, I mean, you see Lisa outspoken, always the one making the jokes, making everybody laugh.

GIBSON: All right, thank you.

All right, so there you have it. Many of the folks starting gathering there around 6:00 this morning. The service takes place in just a little more than two hours from now. That's the latest from Lithonia, Georgia.




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