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Avril Lavigne: Teen rocker of 2002

Lavigne: "I have a really busy schedule, and I pretty much have an airplane ride every day."

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(CNN) -- Of the year's breakthrough artists, no one made a bigger impact than Avril Lavigne. The 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada, has sold more than 7 million copies of her debut album "Let Go" (Arista Records)

As the perfect counterpoint to bubble gum pop, her rocking lead single, "Complicated," became the most-played song from Sydney, Australia, to Saskatchewan, Canada.

Lavigne recently dropped by The Music Room to tell the show's host, Sasha Rionda, about her newfound fame and what's so complicated about being a teenager:

Rionda: It has been an incredible year for you. Tell us how your life has changed.

Lavigne: It has changed. Now I'm, like, traveling all over the world and get to see lots of places. Now I'm famous, so I can't, like, really walk around in malls and stuff like that. I don't really have as much privacy. My whole lifestyle is different. I have a really busy schedule, and I pretty much have an airplane ride every day. But I like it. It's cool. I like being busy. I think that it's good that I'm young and I'm going through this, and I'm not, like, 40. I think it's just easier now at a younger age to be going through what I'm going through because it's definitely really tiring and hard on the body.

Rionda: Who are some of your biggest influences?

Lavigne: Influences come from everywhere. I don't really feel like I had too many influences for the first record because I grew up listening to music in church, and that was pretty much it. I didn't really grow up listening to AC/DC and all those bands.

I had a really sheltered life, and I just started writing my music when I was 12, and then all of a sudden I had this record deal and then made this record. I feel like now I have more influences and know about more artists and know more about music than I did before I wrote the record, which is just really funny.

Rionda: Who do you admire and listen to now?

Lavigne: I listen to all kinds of bands. I like rock music, like, male rock bands. I'm more into that instead of female singers. I like Nirvana, Green Day, System Of A Down. I also like punk rock, and I love bands like Coldplay.

Rionda: What are some of the main themes running through your album?

Lavigne: A lot of my songs are personal and about me being 16 and having guys break my heart and feeling like it's the end of the world. About me just being a kid and writing about having a crush on a skater boy or whatever. The album has a ton of different attitudes and different emotions: me being mad; me being hurt or sad.

Rionda: What was the message you were trying to get across with "Complicated?"

Lavigne: Okay, you're a girl, I'm a girl. We have both been through it (when) there's that guy who, when you're alone, he acts like he's really cool and he's really into you. And then he goes out around his friends, and he acts like you're not there and treats you differently. I've went though that especially when I was in high school.

I also think that it's a song that a lot of people can relate to because you can look at it as, like, your girlfriend back-stabbing you. Also, I think it can come across as a lot of people being fake in the (music) industry; people trying to please you all the time and being all smiley at your face, and then going behind your back and saying other stuff.

Rionda: Do you enjoy making music videos?

Lavigne: Yes. Making the video is so much fun. For the first one, "Complicated," I can't even tell you how much fun I had. I went in there kind of thinking, "the camera is going to trip me out," but it didn't. We just had fun.

Making "Sk8er Boi" was cool, too.

Rionda: Do you consider your music more rock or pop?

Lavigne: Rock. Although the album is pop, there are a couple of rock songs on it, and I just feel like those really represent me. I'm happy with the album and how it turned out, and it did really well, but the songs are a bit too pop for me and a bit polished.

But I'm definitely really into rock music, and I feel like that is where my heart is. At this point in my life and when I write now, that's the music that I'm going to be creating. I'm constantly changing, and my style is always changing. That's me.

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