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Jailers: Accused killer Soltys commits suicide

SACRAMENTO, California (CNN) -- Nikolay Soltys, the Ukrainian immigrant accused of killing six members of his family and hiding from authorities for 10 days last summer, committed suicide early Wednesday at Sacramento County Jail, according to the sheriff's department.

Deputies found Soltys, 28, hanging in his cell during a routine check, Sgt. James Lewis said.

Sacramento County Sheriff Lou Blanas said he is "absolutely satisfied" that Soltys' death was a suicide.

Soltys was charged with the stabbing deaths of his pregnant wife, 3-year-old son, two 9-year-old cousins, an aunt and an uncle during a violent spree in late August 2001. He was arrested on August 30 after camping out and hiding in an abandoned home for 10 days. He was captured after family members spotted him in his mother's back yard and notified deputies.

Authorities said Soltys killed his wife, aunt, uncle and cousins and then drove to his mother's home, where he picked up his 3-year-old son, Sergei. Sergei's body was a day later in a cardboard box in a remote area, his throat slit.

Police officials say Nikolay Soltys, accused of killing six members of his family, committed suicide in a California jail. KTXL's Melissa Remick reports (February 14)

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A note found in his abandoned car indicated that he had killed his relatives because they were "poisoning" his reputation. He later reportedly told authorities he had killed his wife because she had been disrespectful to him.

Soltys, 28, had attempted suicide earlier in his incarceration, and had at times been on a suicide watch, according to sheriff's department spokeswoman Sharon Telles. He was not under a suicide watch Wednesday, she said.

Blanas said Soltys' next court appearance had been scheduled for March 19. Soltys had been visited by investigators Tuesday and his attorney Friday, he said.




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