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CNN editors have selected what they believe to be the top stories of 2002. What do you think?

Here's a list of major news events this year. Use the pulldowns to rank your top 10 stories. You can only select one item for each rank. Leave all other stories not making your top 10 on "select."

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Tensions rise over standoff with Iraq
Palace scandals cause British royalty crisis
Sniper attacks paralyze D.C. suburbs
Job cuts, consumer uncertainty plague U.S. economy
Corporate America rocked by business scandals
Martha Stewart investigated for corporate fraud
Catholic Church shaken by sex scandals
Afghanistan begins rebuilding as hunt for al Qaeda goes on
Department of Homeland Security created
Actress Winona Ryder convicted for shoplifting
9/11 victims remembered on one-year anniversary
Halle Berry, Denzel Washington win Oscars
Miraculous rescue of nine Pennsylvania miners
Republicans reclaim Senate in mid-term elections
Mideast peace process collapses as violence escalates
Russian hostages die in gas rescue raid
Bali terrorist bombing kills more than 180
Floodwaters rip though Europe
North Korea admits secret nuclear program
Salt Lake City hosts 2002 Winter Olympics
Britain's Queen Mum's dies at 101
U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone dies in plane crash
Brazil wins 2002 World Cup
King brothers guilty of killing their father
SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt resigns
Deadly tornadoes strike eastern U.S.
Hu Jintao becomes China's new leader
European countries adopt a common currency
Widely reported child abductions raise fears for parents
Colorado wildfires destroy thousands of acres
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck get engaged
Andrea Yates convicted of killing her 5 children
David Westerfield convicted of killing Danielle van Dam
War against terror moves into courtroom

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Iran poll to go to run-off
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EU 'crisis' after summit failure
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