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Possum G-strings raise NZ eco hopes

Possums are regarded as a pest in New Zealand
Possums are regarded as a pest in New Zealand  

HAMILTON, New Zealand -- After scoring runaway sales last year with their possum fur nipple warmers, a New Zealand fur manufacturer has launched what they reckon to be the ultimate in eco-friendly furry undies -- the possum fur G-string.

Possum's are not native to New Zealand, having been imported from Australia in the mid nineteenth century, and they are widely regarded as a pest.

They have no natural predators and are blamed for decimating large swathes of the country's native flora and bird life.

As a result several firms have been set up to trap possums and market their pelts as an environmentally-friendly alternative to more traditional furs.

Fans say the pelts are as luxurious and warm as mink, but much cheaper and help protect the native New Zealand environment.

Possum introduced from Australia in 1837  
Original plan was to develop fur industry  
Possum population has boomed to 70 million  
Blamed for destroying native flora and fauna, including habitat of the Kiwi, the national bird  

Among the producers is Gray Fur Trading, which is making use of New Zealand's annual national agricultural show this week to launch his and hers possum-fur G-strings.

Hoping to tickle the fancy of New Zealand farming folk, the furry undies are the latest in a series of possum products, including hot water bottle covers, rugs, hats and, of course, the nipple warmers -- marketed to farmers as just the thing to take the chill off a cold winter morning in the milkshed.

According to the local Waikato Times however, early sales of the G-strings indicate that farmers attending the show are taking a little while to warm to the idea.

Company owner Peter Gray told the Times a dozen pairs of nipple warmers had been snatched up in the first hour of business while he was able to sell only one set of G-strings.




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